Satellite x DESIS

Residency Report and Archive

This 2020 report and archive documents the approach and project outcomes from five projects in the 2020 Satellite Residency Program, Satellite x DESIS. Designed and written by Jean Chisholm and Laura Kozak

2020 Report and Archive (22MB)

Featured projects include:

  • Pocket Change (Morgan Martino and Naomi Boyd)
  • Fruitcake Press (Josh Singler)
  • POOL (Annie Canto, Nura Ali and Jean Chisholm)
  • The Radical Waste Project (Garima Sood and Damien Stonick)
  • Studio Peal (Zara Huntley and Lauren Thu)

Satellite is an ongoing partnered residency program for Emily Carr project teams to develop major self-directed projects. The intent of the program is to help emerging artists and designers bridge the transition from being a student to an independent practitioner. Mentorship, peer support and funding surround student groups as they establish a network of collaborators; develop project capacity and identity; and seek contexts or resources to support an ongoing practice. The Shumka Centre fosters the movement of artists and designers into situations and systems where their work can have impact. Each cohort of Satellite is a collaboration between the Shumka Centre and another space, organization or lab.

The DESIS Lab at Emily Carr University of Art + Design supports research that advances design for social innovation towards sustainability. DESIS envisions a future of resilience, equity and diversity across human and ecological systems through social innovation, design and environmental justice. Emily Carr’s lab joined the DESIS network, made up of 46 labs worldwide, in 2012 and is the only DESIS lab in Canada.